ASD Men's MasterClass

  ==> NOTE : This is a Level 2 class (all instructional) - ONLY for those individuals who have already completed Level 1 (all Q & A). If you have not done the first level, then please register here . After completing Level 1 , you are more than welcome to attend the MasterClass. Welcome Gentlemen, My heart goes out to you guys, because I know you have been blamed by your NT spouse for being insensitive, selfish, uncaring, narcissistic, and even sociopathic. She has made a bunch of false assumptions. But, this may be due to the fact that she doesn’t fully understand autism spectrum disorder. If you have ASD [level 1], you will have some degree of mind-blindness. Not your fault. And your NT wife may blame you for being stubborn and rigid and simply not caring about - or understanding - her perspectives. If you have ASD, then you have some level of emotions-blindness. Not your fault. And your NT wife has probably blamed you for being selfish and simply not caring about - or underst